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Original Artwork 

  • Stretched canvas artwork as seen in photo
  • Size 30x40 Inches  
  • Matt Finish


Two Lifetimes

This piece is really personal to me, it was inspired by the loss of my cousin. We were young and it broke me like nothing before, she was like my sister. I was 16. She was 14 and turned 15 the day before her funeral. We lost her to suicide. As I think many of us do when we lose someone, we wonder how does life go on? I’m sitting here now a month away from 25 and I never could have imagined I’d make it here. I think the hardest thing about grief sometimes is the fact that life just keeps going, the days come and go and before you know it you’re here. This is what inspired this piece. I lost Khloe in 2015 and something I find so hard to wrap my head around is, the new little lives that have been brought into the world in that time. There are children that have been born, grown and now even go to school in that time. It makes the grief a little easier to digest when you can see the beauty life can offer. I started with two journey lines, representing two lives, one incoming, one outgoing and the piece flourished from there. I added waterlines to reference personal memories, days swimming together, her telling me ‘We’re water babies!’ When we first learnt about star signs. 

The purpose of this piece isn’t supposed to be sad, it’s just a reoccurring thought, based on a part of my life that I think many might be able to relate to. 

Two Lifetimes Original Artwork

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