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Original Artwork

* Stretched canvas artwork as seen in photo

* Size 30x30 Inches


The first photograph is taken in the afternoon sun, colouring will vary in different lighting.


This piece was inspired by a previous artwork I created titled Spring County. When approaching Revive I wrote a list of the things I was currently inspired by and decided to put all the inspirations in the artwork represented through different journey lines. I then took inspiration from the artistic direction of Spring Country. This piece was the first piece in a while I created solely for me, it wasn’t commissioned or created for any purpose except my own expression. I created Spring Country for myself too, I originally painted it for above my bed but it didn’t quite work in the space. I then used Spring Country in a collaboration that open up lots of doors for me that are now at this time painting revive coming to fruition. I experimented with a few new techniques and really had fun with this piece. I used this piece to reset myself and my art. I don’t like to do more of the same, I like to continue to push my creativity. Walking through through old doors for new inspiration helped me create this piece, its expressive, its fun but it’s also a close to this chapter. My focus has changed and I’m really excited to see this chapter off with this artwork representing my emotional and spiritual revival.

Revive Original Artwork

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