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Original Artwork

Rolled Canvas

Size 30x30 inches



For Nan

This piece was inspired by my own purpose. My nan tells stories of her history, these stories burn with resilience, determination, and strength. They also include themes of great sadness, loss and mistreatment. In particular she talks of her mum, her mums story, her strength and through the small cracks in nans voice an incredible love and appreciation shines through. Now love can be thrown around easily but it is not to be mistaken, it is strong. I love my own mum so fiercely I can understand that passion coming through nan. I understand how it feels to want to share my mums greatness with others. Not only her greatness but everyone and everything that made her who she is. I hope to keep my history alive through my work, to hopefully make nan proud. 

I started with a journey line through the top, there are three stops along the way. Three stops that represent my journey,


  • storytelling 
  • communication and understanding 
  • education and empowerment


I built the piece upon this journey with my country laying down the inspiration for the rest. 


For Nan Original Artwork

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