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I've had the idea for this piece flourishing in my mind for a while now. I can find myself nervous to explore colours im not comfortable with while also wanting to push my creative boundaries. I'm always in this battle. I wonder if this is just the way of life of someone who loves to create. I created a few pieces recently that weren't connecting with me. I've been working on a collection of work following a single journey, the inspiration for this piece came from the saying 'over the rainbow'. They say the grass isn't always greener on the other side, but i thought to myself, sometimes it is! Right? What do i see on the other side? Where is peace and prosperity to me? This thought train along with the design ideas sitting in the back of my mind came to a meadow. This piece represents stregth, perserverance and a long journey. But also the gold at the end of the tunnel. We all have to dream right? Belief keeps us going!  I'll leave it to you to interpret this in a way that connects with you. 



All prints include a 30mm border

Meadow Art Print

  • Cotton Rag 320gsm

    A 100% smooth white matte cotton paper with a velvet touch. Contains no optical brighteners and is certified acid-free and ageing resistance in accordance with ISO 9706.  Made in Europe this cotton rag is perfect for artwork, illustration and photography reproductions.  Creative Smooth is printed on our Canon Fine Art Printer using 12 Colour Pigment Inks including Chroma Optimiser for an exceptionally large colour gamut. 


    Matt Paper

    PosterBright X Matte 210gsm is an economical, matte coated photo paper, designed to meet high quality photographic needs in rich detail. It has a unique barrier layer that will not ripple the paper, even with intensive, full ink coverage.  Perfect for Fine art & photography reproductions, posters, graphics and indoor advertising.  Poster Bright is printed on our Canon Fine Art Printer using 12 Colour Pigment Inks including Chroma Optimiser for an exceptionally large colour gamut. 

  • We offer a choice of satin black, satin white or Meranti frame in a 20mm x 40mm profile, 3mm acrylic, matboard and fittings to hang.

    Please note the following;

    • Acrylic glazing is used for all drop shipped frames.
    • Includes corflute backing and stainless steel fittings and plastic coated wire.
    • All prints include a 30mm border.
    • Artworks A4 and A3 that are framed will have a 40mm matboard, Artworks A2-A0 will have a 55mm matboard.
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