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1 + 1 

This piece was inspired by babies! Two people creating a little life together. 

I’m a dreamer, I always have been and I see children in my future. If we are lucky enough It’s probably the next step for my partner and I, I was inspired to create something relating to this. Now when I was younger I loved to play around on Photo Booth, who didn’t? For some reason when i thought of two peoples DNA coming together, I thought of that Photo Booth filter where the screen would split down the middle and mirror the other side. Completely random but please tell me we’ve all played with this filter at least once haha! So I pulled inspiration from the ‘merging’ of DNA and two communities coming together. Now I know that having a baby this way, with two people isn’t always how it goes. Lots of people have babies alone and I love that! I created this piece for myself and pulled inspiration from my circumstances. 

1 + 1 Canvas Print

  • Pine Artist Stretchers is manufactured from finest quality hoop pine. We have selected this fine-grained, kiln-dried timber because it keeps its integrity— this style is finger jointed and laminated.

    Our float mouldings are available in black, white and raw Meranti in a 7mm W x 60mm H moulding. 

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