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Scroll through to read the stories/inspiration behind the designs on my products.

Most of my artworks come from a feeling.

My artworks and descriptions read similar to a diary entry.

They're not perfectly put together but they're straight from the heart.

Lead The Way

This Piece is a representation of letting community and country lead your way. Emotionally, spiritually and physically. Sometimes vulnerability is our greatest strength. The idea of letting go of ourselves is something very powerful as its not easy to do. As someone who is very private its something i find very hard to do myself. The idea for this piece flourished from this concept, the concept of leaning on others. With themes of grounding, community and connecting with others, this piece is an encouragement to re asses sometimes. Let someone listen and take the pressure off of you. It is an encouragement to engage in new communities where you might find not only strength but enjoyment. For myself country is also an incredible place to expel. When you're sitting on country, one with everything around you, listening and engaging in the space. Taking time to lean on our country and breathe out/expelling the tension we hold is so healing.


This piece began from family. I'm lucky to be surrounded by some incredibly bubbly and vibrant people and i love how the pink conveys that feeling. The inspiration of family along with this pink colour palette really helped this painting flourish in my mind creatively. Starting with the largest community circle being myself i reflected on memories and the people who make me, me. This painting mirrors itself in many ways, yet putting a line down the middle its very different. One side is me, the make up of Holly. When enjoying those memories and moments it made me think of what i want to take with me when i build my own family. The other side... One thing im hugely grateful for is that i have a big family, a lot of the people i consider family im not related to by blood. To have a support system like that woven into my life is something i want to create for my children one day. The honesty and openness i have with my parents i cherish, to be able to talk about anything, no ego or judgement, i thrive off of that. I'd love to look back one day and think to myself, what did i implement from my life? What attributes am i proud of spreading back into the world? Are things as i imagined they would be?  

New Day

This piece represents perseverance to me. When I started this artwork I was struggling terribly with anxiety. I can tell you anxiety is not a foreign feeling for me, but i did notice how prominent it felt the last few weeks. I wanted to lean into that and explore those feelings. I used myself as the centre of this piece and surrounded myself with my community connections, themes of love and nurture and colours that represent a calmness for me. While painting my community circles last year and playing with size and shapes, i found that the smaller filled in circles with the lines and white dots around them reminded me of butterfly wings.I don't know why but i see that same inspiration everytime i paint them. I scattered those circles throughout the piece to give myself a sense of comfort and confidence. These are my personal grounding circles. They helped my artwork and mind feel the ability to flourish from there on out. The dotted areas were a fun representation of the mind, the feelings and emotions that flow, sometimes totally out of our control. Sometimes confusing and confronting. looking at that space now with an outside perspective we can see that occasionally the mind plays tricks on us and that whatever is happening inside, will in time.. pass. Now sitting writing this i feel strong again, i am human and this is a normal thing for many of us to work through. I love the tone of this painting, its a reminder to be gentle on yourself. 

MRS10493 copy.jpg


I admire the art of communication so much. The ability to pass on knowledge and to educate another is really special. It isn't something we all naturally hold the ability to do. I don't. Through my work i have had many enquires on teaching, sharing with others my own knowledge. But im not a confident communicator like some people are. For me it's a struggle, i get nervous. So I wanted to make a piece that is a recognition of this ability as its something i admire a lot and something i'd love to learn. For this piece i started with the larger community circle in the middle, attached is an area filled with coolamons. This space represents the mind and all the knowledge it carries. The smaller community circle represents the learners. Their side is also filled with coolamons and represents the knowledge being passed onto them. The piece as a whole is a recognition and appreciation of the love, time and patience it takes to teach someone else. All for the greater good. This is your encouragement to thank someone who taught you something special or to pass on something unique you know to someone else. Dont let that treasure of knowledge dissapear. What we know makes us who we are. 


A piece of personal self reflection and affirmation. This piece embraces feminine values such as, compassion, community and strength. Pink is used to create a sense of peace and warmth.

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